January 20, 2018

Favorite Things to Distract Me

Favorite Things to Distract Me



Pati’s Mexican Table 

I love this show because Pati is like listening to your best friend from school who loves to cook and loves her family talk about her hometown her family and food. It is so beautifully produced and fun. Amazon Prime has 3 seasons available. (most food shows are just for fun for me, but I love to watch anyway and I try to adapt dishes for when I am up to it or make for my hubby with his help) My husband LOVES this show!

Pati’s Blog

The Intolerant Cooks

This is an Australian show, but they make all Celiac-friendly and Low FODMAP friendly dishes!! not too many GP-friendly dishes – but then who does? Anyway, many items are nice and the hosts are fun and they always do some type of “quick” dish.

Amazon Prime video has a couple seasons available.



Both available on PBS Masterpiece and Amazon Prime Video, Endeavour is about rookie Inspector Morse, set in 1960 Oxford, England. Acting superb, writing amazing, so worth it. start at Series 1.

(I must admit here – I have a penchant for Brit procedurals, so there you go. the pacing is slower, the actors are less gorgeous, usually older and much more irritable. There are fewer romances and sex scenes and when there are, they always mess everything up).

Inspector Lewis

As with Endeavour, both available on PBS Masterpiece and Amazon Prime Video, Lewis is the based on the post-Morse story also set in Oxford. Each episode is about 90 minutes – and has the feel of a feature-length film. so.well. done. This is modern-day and possibly my favorite series or a close second to


Vera stars the Oscar-nominated Brenda Blethyn, as Vera, some call the character the “female Colombo,”  but I find it a bit more unique, though I see the similarities.  However, the writing is amazing. The acting is breath-taking. So good. The people are realistic. I don’t know what Northumberland, UK policing is really like, but the show is so beautiful, I don’t care! Also feature-length.


I love listening to podcasts. I can close my eyes and listen at a low volume if I have a headache and reading or bright screens are not an option. Also, music is sometimes not distracting enough on a really bad pain day, so happily, there are millions of options for podcasts!! Check out the websites too!

Everything is Alive 

Everything is Alive is an unscripted interview show in which all the subjects are inanimate objects. But aside from the fact that things can talk, it’s nonfiction: everything the objects tell us is true. I truly love this podcast it makes me so happy and believe me, you will laugh and want to listen again!!

Snap Judgement     

 If you  have never heard Glynn Washington tell a story, well you need to tune in. I have been listening to Snap for so many years, well since I had to tune in on the NPR radio station in Seattle on a Saturday afternoon. “Internet? for a radio show? What?” All I can say is, Stories. Of all types and sizes and people’s, and you should just pick one and get started.


from Gimlet Media is funny. The 30-minute episodes revolve around Helen, who is trying to get her life on-track as she starts a new job. The voice acting is great and all audiences will enjoy. No agendas or triggers. This is a limited series.

    99% Invisible    

From their website: “99% Invisible is about all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about — the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world.” The host and creator, Roman Mars has a great “radio voice” that is soothing and never gets too loud or grating. Perfect for a distracting and informative podcast, but not too irritating! This is an ongoing show and there are over 300 episodes out, so many to choose from! I enjoyed episode 285, Money Makers about how movie makers use fake money in films, and #278, The Athletic Brassiere, about how the sports bra came to be (imagine life before!).

    The Moth Podcast     

The Moth Radio hour via podcast. You may have heard the Moth on NPR – Maybe not. People go onstage before a live audience and tell stories from their lives. There are “story slams” around the globe and the audience votes. Winners go on to more story telling shows in more places and go on radio, etc. Here is a place where the audience is always supportive and vital. The stories are always amazing, sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, sometimes crazy. I will not say that they are not trigger-inducing BUT, the Moth host will warn listeners if there is such a subject forthcoming. Check out the blog online also!

     Every Little Thing    

Another Gimlet Production, from their site: “ELT is your factual answering service. If you have a question that needs answering, call the ELT Help Line at 347-464-9626 or send an audio message to elt@gimletmedia.com.” This podcast literally addresses the small stuff.  Like Do dogs have belly buttons? How do they dig tunnels under the ocean? What would really happen to your body in outer space? They ask real experts and get great, accessible answers. Again, easy to listen to, no triggers, distracting, 30 min.

This is Love

Produced by Radiotopia- From the site:

How To Be Alone, How To Live Forever, How To Wait, How To Worry, And Yes, How To Love.

I so enjoy this podcast – hosted by Phoebe Judge, she interviews a wide range of guests on a wide range of topics, always revolving around LOVE.