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Existential Courage

“Positive Thinking” is not a cure-all for the state of our condition. Be it sadness, illness, anxiety, lack of money, guilt, a bad marriage, domestic violence… Honestly, I believe that the Positive Thinking craze – (The Secret delusion, etc.). can be very harmful. I have found that to move forward – No – to even Read more about Existential Courage[…]

Try not to “should” yourself today – or at least for an hour or two?

There are plenty of times in our days when we do what we think needs to be done, whether at work, housecleaning, family duties, even self-care becomes a “should” – Are we really taking care of our needs? This is why sitting, a yoga practice, a breathing practice is so crucial to me. I can practice Read more about Try not to “should” yourself today – or at least for an hour or two?[…]

New Challenge New Changes

I have been in a circular struggle with pain, fatigue and my doctors for months now. Even though I have a documented life-long chronic autoimmune disease that I have been dealing with for many years, every few years something new comes along; a new symptom or set of symptoms that sets my life upside down. Read more about New Challenge New Changes[…]

If you are feeling like things aren’t as you want them to be, start acting differently.

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” ― Andy Warhol True, yes? I make photos, I manipulate photos, I quote those who inspire me, and the words that I feel are more eloquent that what are coming from my own lips. Now, society is hurting and so, so, Read more about If you are feeling like things aren’t as you want them to be, start acting differently.[…]

Seeing Clearly

From Wikipedia: Dzogchen or “Great Perfection“, Sanskrit: अतियोग, is a tradition of teachings in Tibetan Buddhism aimed at discovering and continuing in the natural primordial state of being. The teachings are rather “deep” but Wikipedia has a very nice explanation. In a nutshell, my point is that in meditation, we can find our natural state, or “ground,” which brings us purity, Read more about Seeing Clearly[…]

Just a moment

Take a moment today to feel. Let it flow through you. Even a fleeting moment of fullness can change the way you look at a situation. You can take a moment to breathe in the midst of a hurried day. When sensations are overcoming me and I want to hyperventilate or just hide in a Read more about Just a moment[…]

I Know You Mean Well, But…

I Know You Mean Well, But… Before you give advice to your sick friend, stop and think. If you have a friend or acquaintance (or even just happen to meet someone in a random place) who is chronically ill, you probably have given them some sort of advice. You see that they are suffering with pain Read more about I Know You Mean Well, But…[…]

What it is like to honestly fear “germs.”

What it is like to honestly fear “germs.” As a person with autoimmune disease I am now in my fourth week of flu, which became an upper respiratory infection, sinus infection and then relapsed back into the flu again. I finished one 10-day course of antibiotics and have started a course of steroids. I am Read more about What it is like to honestly fear “germs.”[…]